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Invoice Finance enhances your cash flow  significantly by raising funds immediately against your unpaid sales invoices.  It  also supports your ongoing trading as you are able to draw funds as needed against future invoices too.  Meaning you can continue to grow your business knowing you have the working capital to fund increasing turnover.

You would no longer have to wait for 30, 60 or even 90 days plus for invoices to be paid. Instead you would receive up to 90% of the gross invoice value within 24 hours of your invoices being raised.  With the balance, less charges, paid to you when your client settles the invoice.  Effectively cash on delivery for you whilst you are still able  to offer your usual credit terms to your customers.

If you find you are always busy with orders and sales but never have quite enough money in the bank because customers haven’t paid,  then this long established method of funding could well be a straightforward solution for your business.  

The main types of Invoice Finance are Factoring and Invoice Discounting.    Should you require help on a one off or temporary basis you may wish to consider Spot Factoring (also known as Selective Invoice Finance).  See more details of this here


Invoice Discounting works in exactly the same way as Factoring in that you are able to draw money against your invoices in advance of your customers paying.  The difference is that you would retain the sales ledger management and credit control functions in house.  

Invoice Discounting is generally provided on a confidential basis so that your clients remain unaware of how your business is being financed.  


You continue to raise your sales invoices to your customers as usual. You would also forward a copy to your factoring company.

They will then make funds available to you of up to 90% of the  gross invoice value. These funds may be used immediately or taken as and when required.

The factoring company will manage your sales ledger for you and carry out the credit control on your behalf.  This removes the often time-consuming and awkward task of chasing your customers for payment,  leaving you free to focus on running your business.

When your client pays their invoice, the outstanding balance will then be paid to you, minus the charges for the use of the facility.

In addition to funding, many invoice finance providers can also offer bad debt protection for you.  This is purely optional and can be on a selective or whole turnover basis.  Talk to us if you would like more information about this.